Reactor Design

Reactor design is one of the important concepts of Process Engineering. The chemical reactor is considered the heart of the process industry. If you are an expert in Reactor design you always have a special place among process engineers. I personally know someone with a 5 lakhs per month salary with 15 years experience. He …

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Why do Chemicla Engineers want to be process engineers?

If you ask any chemical engineering graduate or a chemical engineer job holder most of the people express their love towards process engineering job profile. Based on the above statement most of the people had a doubt if there was any difference between process engineer and chemical engineer. Here we have to understand one thing, …

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Best Process Engineering design course in India

After completion of chemical engineering, very few people will understand the importance of a process design course. Some of the people will understand its importance after 2 years of struggle in the dream job search. As information is available everywhere, now everyone understands the importance of a process engineering design course. Because of the demand, …

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Chemical Engineering interview tips

Introduction: Chemical engineering is a very vast subject. It has many chances to ask different questions during the interview. Most of the time candidates face many complications during the interview because of uncertainty in the questions asked by the interviewers. There are two basic reasons behind those uncertainties. Diversity in the concepts of chemical engineering …

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