Reactor Design

Reactor design is one of the important concepts of Process Engineering. The chemical reactor is considered the heart of the process industry. If you are an expert in Reactor design you always have a special place among process engineers. I personally know someone with a 5 lakhs per month salary with 15 years experience. He is the master of reactor design.

I hope this blog will be helpful for you to get some interest in reactor design.

Tubular Reactors

What is a Reactor?

The reactor is a vessel or Stage which makes two or more substances React Chemically with Each Other and form one or more new components. Which is one of the Classic unit operations in Chemical process Analysis. You can always go with your own definition for the reactor. There are 3 main types of process reactors are available.

Type of Reactors?

1). Batch Reactor
2). CSTR
3). PFR

Batch Reactor:

The Reactants are placed into the Reactor and then allowed to React and produce the products from inside the Reactor. The Products and Unreacted Reactants are then Removed & the process is Repeated. Most pharma companies are equipped with batch reactors because of the concern of the purity and value of the products.


A continuously stirred tank reactor is shorty called CSTR.

The Reactants are instantaneously and Uniformly Mixed Through throughout the reactor upon entry. Output composition is the same as composition inside the reactor. That is a function of Residence Time and Reaction Rate. Most of the chemical and petrochemical plants are equipped with CSTR in the concern of productivity.


Plug flow reactor is a special kind of reactor. The reactants will enter from one end and output taken from the other end.

Mixing Takes place in Radial Direction Only. Each Plug is Considered a Separate identity. The residence time of the Plug is a function of its position in the Reactor.

Chemical Reactor Design

In the reactor size & appearance, it may seem to be the least impressive items of the equipment but most important factors in the design of the whole plant. The reactor design can be done for a completely new project or for the existing project to upgrade the reactor. In both cases, the basis required for the reactor design is the same.

Rector design will take a major part in project cost estimation. The perfect design can save crores of rupees for the client in terms of capital and operational cost.

These are the features need to take care of during the design:

1). The overall size & capacity of the reactor its general configuration &dimentions of the internal structure.
2). The physical conditions & exact compositions of the product.
3). The temperature prevailing within the reactor & any provision for heat transfer.
4). The operating pressure within the reactor & any pressure drop associated with the flow of the reaction mixture.

We need to take care of all the above considerations during the reactor design.

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