Mini Diploma in Process Engineering

We understand the present industrial requirements and understand the process engineering course’s importance to the student and professionals.  Aaharya Technologies provides a very structured and accepted course that can make students and professionals crack any kind of interview.

Learn Process Engineering Design

Don’t Be in a rat trap. Upgrade your skills to find out the hidden job market and crack interviews for your dream job. Aahayra is the first step to take towards your career. Before you jump like a fish make sure you are capable of it. The Mini Diploma in process engineering will give you that capability to jump

1Course introductionSivaji Thota1 hour
2Overview of Process Engineering & it's Role in Various fields.Fundamental Stages in Project .Overview Of Process document DeliverablesPooja Malpani2 hours
3Process Design Basis,Unit Conversion and Important ConceptsPooja Malpani2 hour
4Basic Engineering PackagePrashant Chavare2 hours
5Preparation of Block Flow Diagram,Process Flow Diagram , Material Selection Diagram,Material and Energy Balance ,Development of Utlity Flow Diagram,Utility SummaryPooja Malpani2 hours
6Line Sizing & Pressure Drop CalculationsPrashant Chavare2 hours
7Types of Vales and SelectionPrashant Chavare2 hours
8Pump Hydraulics & Various other conceptsPooja Malpani2 hours
9Reactors DesignPrashant Chavare2 hours
10Distillation Column DesignPrashant Chavare2 hours
11Heat Exchanger Design ,Important concept of TEMAPooja Malpani2 hours
12Basic of Piping And Instrumentation Diagram &LegendPooja Malpani2 hours
13Vessel and Tank SizingPooja Malpani2 hours
14Process optimization & EconomicsPrashant Chavare2 hours
15Use of Vendor Data & Checking of Vendor DataPooja Malpani1 hour
16Plant CommissioningSivaji Thota2 hours
17Piping NetworkSivaji Thota2 hours
18Cooling towersSivaji Thota1 hour
19HVAC systemSivaji Thota2 hours
20Boiler Efficiency calculationsSivaji Thota2 hours
21Plant SafetySivaji Thota2 hours
22Interview tipsSivaji Thota2 hours

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